Dream Masters Custom Tattoo

Dream Masters Custom Tattoos is opening doors in a brand new shop in Boras, Sweden . After Svetlyo’s expanding his business in San Francisco and his award-winning shop in the USA, he decided to branch and go back and reopen the original Dream Masters Custom Tattoos shop!

The new shop idea is to unite many intentional artist in collective art force which will bring the tattoo culture in Boras to next level. Svetlyo’s contacts and numerous friendships across the world will provide a list of amazing artist which will have permanent guest spots and visit frequently.

As usual Dream Masters team will provide with superb costumer care and extreme hygiene control for every costumer. After all Svetlyo is bringing the new spirit and stile from San Francisco and him and his new crew will satisfy the most picky requests.


Österlånggatan 33

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Söndag-Måndag: Stängt

Tisdag: 12.00–18.00

Onsdag: 12.00–18.00

Torsdag: 12.00–18.00

Fredag: 12.00–18.00

Lördag: 13.00–17.00